Houston New Home Radio Show – Produced and hosted New Home radio show on KSEV 700AM in Houston   

     Tops In Texas Radio Show - Owned, Produced and hosted New Home radio show on KSEV 700AM in Houston

    Current Project:  ReconNation, a national Radio Show that deals in depth with one subject per hour, 12 hours of broadcasting a week
Rice University Radio – Created radio campaign for Rice University Football season ticket sales that won ADDY awards. This lasted for 6 years. Award Winning Campaign featured Head Coach Ken Hatfield going door to door to tell people about Rice Football, inadvertently running into famous Houstonians such as G.H.W. Bush, George Forman and others played by Voice Impersonators. Rice had record ticket sales and record season ticket sales during this period.
    Western Athletic Conference Radio – Groundbreaking, award-winning radio campaign was first of its kind for a Major Athletic Conference in the USA. 




  American Residential Services
 – Designed, wrote and
created radio strategy as part of Wall Street Roll Up to absorb trade service companies in 10 states and more than 20 cities. Campaign won ADDY awards and featured spontaneous calls to customers of old company brands that were absorbed by new company.
Company went public and grew rapidly being bought out by Service Master Corporation of Memphis, Tennessee.Standing campaign of buy-out featured Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Lou Retton.
     Lakewood Church & Joel Osteen Ministries Radio – Developed strategy for introducing new Saturday night services at America’s Largest Church. Wrote and produced set of commercials where Satan became spokesman for Church, warning people not to go to church at Lakewood, “You may remember me from the potato famine or more recently the department of motor vehicles…” The spot ended with a disclaimer from the announcer, “Offer not valid in Sodom or Gomorah.” Record attendance ensued.