This project puts on display my complete heart and brain for all. It's my idea, my voiceover, my script, my graphics, my Keynote, and all my heart and mind. In three months I attracted more than 5000 businesses and 25000 people to something... an idea.  I never considered the very idea that attracted twice the investment of Facebook at a similar stage would be launched by the investors as something completely different from what they had invested in...  Their slow, gradual changes resulted in a launch of something that had attracted people from around the world, being junked just 3 months after launch -because it was no longer what everyone had gravitated to.  Understand, there was nothing maliciously done, just a gradual shift in vision.They paid for the right to launch what didn't work... I have the original idea rebuilt and ready to launch.  I'm just out of risk capital.  Enjoy.