Freshly divorced and needing a second income, I met with the man that hired me into the adveritising business.  We decided to partner up. We both had to keep our moonlighting job a secret. So, the Unknown Ad Guys, with a tip of the hat to Chuck Barris, was born.  We landed Rice University and ended up winning tons of awards that led to more business.  We were featured on a report on CNN and in an article in Entrepreneur Magazine (
HERE). The best story was walking into the board room of Fortune 500 American General (They called us) and watching the suits and ties come out of every office to look down the hallway.  American corporate culture is truly in need of an infusion of life. 

hile working the day job, "Ad Guy B" had two interns working for him. The first, a Texas Aggie walked up and saw an Unknown Ad Guy photo on the desk, "Wow... we studied those guys at Texas A&M..."  I told her, "That's me."  After convincing her that I was telling the truth, she left excitedly to find the second intern.  They both returned. "I studied the Unknown Ad Guys at OSU," said the second intern. You can't make this stuff up.  I was two for two with interns studying what we had been dooing with the UAG.


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