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The Dog Person vs The Cat Person
Why does Michael Jordan make a lousy coach?

I'm obviously a dog person, vastly superior to cat people in every possible way. Still, I have to get along with cat people and I have to get the most out of them, and sometimes they're my clients and other times, God forbid, they may be my boss. Right?

Winning in sports is easy because there's a scoreboard.  Winning in life, not so much - no scoreboard, right? Try being a Golden Retriever, smiling and laughing and just wanting to have some fun in the cut throat world of media, technology and finance.  Watching the Pit Bulls and German Shepherds steal your bones is costly after awhile, not to mention it can hurt, right?  Jobs and businesses have embraced that profit is success, when it's the result, not the definition of the process. Result only value definitions take the value out of the journey. And then people look for more fulfilling journeys.

The key? Remembering that you are Body, Soul & Spirit - not body, mind and spirit.
                              What does that mean?  


About Me

Glad you asked.
Can you control every emotion you feel?

You will have feelings you cannot control.  Those feelings manifest in thoughts.  No one can control 100% of the thoughts associated with an initial microsecond blast of emotion. Not what you do with the words or things someone says that makes you feel great about yourself or may instead have hurt your feelings. It's what you initially feel.  You also get thoughts, not necessarily associated with a "feeling" where you have to ask, "Where did that come from?" So where do all thoughts come from?

The point being is that to "win" in life, step one is you simply have to control what you do with your thoughts.  And it's common sense that if you control your thoughts, you then have better opportunity to control what you do with them.  And the secret to that is simply to move from A to B.

I believe your soul is comprised of your mind, will and emotions. The will is the key.  Mind and emotions cannot be completely controlled.  But your will is what you can always have 100% control of.

That's the key to winning in life and in business and in sports as well.  So how do we impose your will on every situation and every cat lover, so that the situation turns in your favor and the cat lover never feels put down... because they like those stupid cats... (Just you and I talking here...)

It's actually very simple.  You have to get the two best leaders on any team, in any organization and inside any human being working on your behalf, consistently and continuously.  And they are neither animal, human, vegetable or mineral. I will show you how to release the power of those two leaders. In the process I will show you how to unlock your will... the power of self determination into everyone around you.  Call me or email me to get started. Free conversation.


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