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The opposite of success is what?  ...it's apathy.

We've handled the marketing for multi family companies, home builders, developers, oil & gas service companies, valve companies, stock brokerage companies, banks, insurance companies, university athletic departments, retailers, consumer goods, home service companies, internet companies, restaurant chains, fast food companies and many more.

We handle project to project work or we can handle the entire marketing and media planning and buying.  

 For Large Retailers:
We've discovered a new, tested and proven technology.  Tested for four years on more than 4500 clients with over $100 billion in transactions, we know it works.  There wasn't a lost client. There wasn't one customer complaint.

We saw in this technology an application for most any business that deals with consumers. Together with a simple, Wall Street backed methodology, we've discovered a way to help most any brick & mortar consumer-oriented business. (We can help most any online business as well... They just don't need as much help)  ...And we know the potential for help goes double for large Retailers.

As the online world has gradually pushed the brick and mortar world to the brink of extinction, we believe that we have an answer for Retailers everywhere.  We're so confident in our ability to adapt the solution in waiting to most any Retailer or Consumer business, that we offer our services as "Commission Only."

We are a unique Pay-for-Performance consultancy.   We believe we can help most any business dealing with the consumer:  1.Increase sales and/or       2. Decrease costs - without laying off a single person - and/or   3. Create a windfall of working capital at a rate lower than anything accessed previously.

Think about that for a second.  We're a consultancy that will put skin in the game.  We're so confident of the solution that, depending on the reward potential, not only will we work for free, betting on the outcome, but we may also fund the solution ourselves.

What's the biggest challenge offered by the Online World vis a vis the Brick & Mortar universe?

Is it data intel?  Is it delivery?  Is it media reach?  What is it?   Every company has some of the same issues today.  And then there are issues peculiar to the vision and goals of each individual company.


Define those issues, present the solution, you decide if you want it for free and if you think it will work. If not, you lose nothing.  If we implement and it works, we make money. If we implement and it doesn't work, we make nothing... but it's going to work.


We exist to work with consumer or retail clients and make a pre-determined, tangible, measurable difference in their businesses or we do not get paid.


Owned launched and sold one of first In Mall TV Networks in more than 200 malls.

Owner of Deck the Walls Franchises

Internet Pioneer with Dillard Local Branding merged with Global IMB and sold it.

Author - The Cow, The Buick & The Taxi - A Book About Nothing... The story of the failure in all of us.  Available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon

Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine


Created Brands have appeared in Oprah Magazine, Time Magazine, This Old House and more.

Owned three Radio Shows in Texas

Great Speller; Can juggle 9 tennis balls at once



Available With Signed NDA


Available With Signed NDA


Available With Signed NDA


Available With Signed NDA