At the time... the largest Mexican Restaurant Chain in Dallas Fort Worth Area...

The Tag line grabbed them.

Our Food Speaks for Itself.

They loved it.

So, when we were shooting the commercials we had an idea we knew they'd love to see but knew also there was no way they'd have the guts to air it... nor were we recommending that they do so.

The joke is obvious.  But it's the tag line that makes it hilarious.

When we showed the commercials to their Board of Directors, they fell out of their chairs laughing. In today's viral world, we know how to make people laugh out loud.

We were not prepared for the Board's decision. They insisted on airing all the spots. They got 100's of calls and complaints from people who saw the spot on TV.  They didn't care. They knew that meant people were watching it and talking about it.

Their Sales went up over 20% during the campaign.

TAG LINE:  Our Food Speaks for Itself!

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