Won 3 TELLY's

This was one of the first in mall TV Networks and debuted in over 200 malls around the USA and Canada.  We wrote all the scripts and produced, edited and directed all the programming on 8 channels.

The programming was seasonal at Christmas time. We struck deals with the Santa Claus Photo Vendors and created the programming for an average wait of 45 minutes.

We sold National Advertising and had the malls sell local and keep the money.

The programming included channels:
Thumb Puppet Theater
Kid Movie Reviews
The Cooking Channel
SNN - The Santa News Network

Toons For Tots... and three others.

We had to create a marketing program to sell the malls on including it. We did that too. 

We created all the marketing materials for the local malls to sell their spot times.

It was a huge success and well received. We sold it after the second year as we could not compete with the coming Ditigal Explosion.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.