We work on Projects or complete Strategic Development of a comprehensive plan.  After the initial interview, we develop a simple plan for presentation.

If we can solve your problem, the plan will show simply one or all of the following

1. How we can increase sales

2. How we can decrease cost 

3. How we can improve your intelligence gathering

4. How we can help you realize windfall working capital.


Even in project work, sometimes we can just write the strategy, the entire marketing plan or just the media plan. Any part of the planning and strategy piece, we can do for you.

But if you want a complete plan, budget analysis or a new brand identity, we can handle it.

You have a challenge. You're in the media business by virtue of having that website. 

The more you drive traffic to it, the better.  

Start thinking media ownership.

Stop thinking it's a brochure.



Results are all that matters.  We get paid for results, not effort.

We will build in accountability.

And we guarantee your satisfaction.

If it's project work, it's usually transactional, but your satisfaction is still guaranteed.


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