Handled everything from branding to budgeting to Internet to Realtor Relations.

We wrote all marketing plans and handled the promotions, creating America's First HDTV Community in concert with Panasonic.

We did all branding, graphic design, copywriting, direct mail, scripting, directing, editing and producing of all radio, TV, print and digital.

I can strategize it... create it... implement it.

Prior to our involvement, everything revolved around their logo. Once we ran research and presented it that less than 2% of their own buyers even could identify their logo... they finally became receptive to something else.

We sold them on a butler who was never identified as a butler to give the brand that snob appeal rub off.

We ran thousands of spots on segmented Cable TV.

We hired a world famous chef to do tours and cook at the Model Home Openings.

The culminating event included appearances by the butler with the chef cooking at their home design center.


People showed up massively. They were asking for autographs from the Butler AND the Chef.  I mosied over to the #2 Sr VP of the Company and asked, "Did you ever see anyone wanting an autograph from your logo...?"

He was the one that wanted Logo Logo Logo Logo Logo ... spending millions of dollars a year...

Of course he became President three weeks later and...

Here's the think about Clients...

Most don't know marketing.  And most also think marketing can do much more than it can.

Marketing is all about money. The most money almost always wins.  And yes, they fired us the year they had record sales after dumping an Internet Agency and 3 other Ad Agencies to work with us.

So... it's not always about the results.



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