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Cat... see what I mean

I'm the most humble person on earth.
    Seriously, there is a continuum that is always in conflict in each of our lives regardless of who we are or what we believe.  On one end of the continuum is humility. On the other is humiliation.  You get to choose one.  If not, the other will be chosen for you. The good thing about following Jesus Christ is that He loves us so much that He's willing to keep us moving toward true humility... no matter how much humiliation we cause for ourselves and for the brand of Christianity... so that we can realize how little we are and how much we need the love of a Savior... in order to maximize true success in our lives and the lives of our friends and family.  That's a rare person who can accomplish their full potential.
    I always ask, "What's the opposite of success?" The younger people are, the more often they snap back, "Failure."  The older they are the more often they say, "Apathy."  Failure is the path to success. Einstein, when asked, "How did you get so much smarter than everyone else?" humbly answered, "I'm not smarter. I just stay with the problems longer than most people are willing to do..." 
    Notice the direct relationship between humility and persistence.  That's why it's said that persistence is undefeated against resistance.  Humility doesn't consider the tax on ego or the delay of outcome. It simply embraces one of the two best leaders in every organization, on every team and inside every human being.  Call me to discuss.

Meanwhile... I've owned franchises. I've worked for franchisors. I've been in networking organizations.  I've been in technology and marketing.  I've worked with doctors, lawyers, CEOs, and janitors. I owned and built one of the first in mall TV networks in America in over 200 malls.  I've been a part of building the largest dog track in America, one of the largest homebuilders in Texas and one of the largest residential developers in the United States. I've built my own off grid "ranch".  (full disclosure... it's a glorified camp... but I see what it is going to become).  I worked on the first Telemedicine project in Texas for the Texas Department of Corrections.  I pioneered "Internet marketing" with Dillard Local Branding merged with Global IMB and sold it. I'm an Author - The Cow, The Buick & The Taxi - A Book About Nothing... The story of the failure in all of us.  Available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  I've won dozens of awards for creativity and advertising. Our Unknown Ad Guys brand  was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and on CNN.  I've created brands that ran in regional editions of Oprah, Time, This Old House and many more. I've owned 3 radio shows plus I'm a great speller who can juggle 9 tennis balls at once.  My list of failures is much longer.

That's a bit harsh...  You don't have to be that skeptical, do you?
    I'm the worst person on earth at following processes.  As a result I'm one of the best at creating systems using a wide variety of project management software options - because if you solve the process based on the lowest common denominator's understanding, you win.  I'm the lowest common denominator. I'm great at adding automation. Many times the processes are screwed up. Usually, the automation of the broken parts is simple. John Maxwell taught me that a businesses is a system of processes + people.  Peter Drucker taught me that management's number one job is to make things predictable.  Steven Covey taught me about the 7 habits, but really, the 7th habit is the most powerful - sharpen the saw.  Edward Demmings taught me that change is the one constant. Tony Curtis, in Operation Petticoat, taught me, "In chaos there is opportunity." (There are millionaires in Haiti). Joel Osteen taught me that, "Everything is going to be just fine."  Dale Carnegie taught me how to win friends and influence people.  Bud Grant, my late, ex-father-in-law is one of the greatest men I ever knew. He taught me what it means to be a great father, husband and leader... And I've only been able to apply about 1% of what he taught me and showed me.  The Bible teaches me how to be a better servant. And life teaches me something new every day - sometimes because of my ignorance and sometimes because that's just life.

I studied creativity and communications under David Ogilvie, Bill Bernbach, Lee Clow and Joe Sedelmaier.  I studied positioning under Ries & Trout. 

I've coached hundreds of people and business leaders as a marketing and technology "expert," where really I was just more of a pioneer.  I can help you now. I'm taking on 5 clients at any one time. 


Education & More

Undergraduate - LSU Baton Rouge, LA

Masters - Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA

  • Spoke to NCAA 3x on Branding for College Athletics

  • Spoke 2x to University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

  • Spoke to numerous Ad Clubs, Organizations, Chambers and Business Organizations on marketing, branding and advertising topics

  • Spoke on marketing at Texas A&M professors

  • Non-traditional marketing methods created by Tim Dillard subject of study at Oklahoma State University and Texas A&M.

  • Developed more than two dozen webinars and gave them over 100 times to more than 20,000 participants.

  • Skilled in set up and marketing of webinars and webinar follow up marketing with email marketing, text marketing, attraction marketing and more.

  • Spoke to NCAA WAC and Conference USA Athletic Directors and Coaches on Branding and Marketing

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 5.15.52 PM.png

Me in middle 20 years and 20 pounds ago. (I've lost the 20) Start up preacher whose name I forget on the left and one of my heroes, "Daddy" Dale Brown, National Coach of the Year in basketball.  His life has re-defined the impact of one man's life on the earth into an art form. 

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